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Trent (left) and Stan Bender (founder of the CHIC Advanced Coating System)

The CHIC® Advanced Coating System has been the leader in restoring and permanently weatherproofing exterior walls in Canada for over 35 years. 

Trent Baxter (Owner and Manager of Prairie Weatherproofing) grew up in the Maritimes and graduated from the University of New Brunswick.  In 2005, Trent moved to Alberta to pursue a career in the coatings and applications industry with his own company. 

Jen (Trent's wife) has been running the day to day operations of the business since 2010.  Another UNB alumni, Jen, has been instrumental in the operations of the company and the two make a great team...and they also make great kids! 

Trent got involved with the CHIC® Advanced Coating System in 2012 and knew right away that this system was a winner.  He went on to manage the CHIC dealerships in Southern Alberta and Central British Columbia.  Seeing a demand for the CHIC® Advanced Coating System in Central Canada, Trent and Jen with their two children, moved from Calgary to Winnipeg to bring this service to the region. 

Trent brings with him a wealth of industry knowledge and a reputation of doing things right.  When you are ready to permanently resurface your investment, Trent and Jen will be happy to discuss our services in more detail.  Please feel free to contact us for a free estimate and to discuss your project.  204-218-8392


Please have a look at the manufacturer's website for more information on our service and some before and afters.



Prairie Weatherproofing

is pleased to offer the

CHIC® Advanced Coating System

to Manitoba.



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