CHIC Transformations

The CHIC Installation Process & Transformations

As we’ve said before, the CHIC Advanced Coating System is NOT a paint. For it to work, our crews follow a well-defined process – this includes repairing existing damage (like fixing stucco cracks) BEFORE applying the CHIC stucco coating.

Below, we’ll identify common issues we encounter prior to our weatherproof applications. And alongside, we’ll show the amazing CHIC transformations.

Stucco Restoration

As part of our system, we repair and restore all wall surfaces before applying the CHIC stucco coating to your home.

Fixing a crack on stucco
Eliminating Water Ingress Issues

Want to fix stucco cracks? Be aware that stucco cracking can come from structural issues. We source the problems, repair the underlying concern, and put it back together before protecting your walls with CHIC.

Stained & Cracked Stucco

A typical sign of stucco deterioration is cracking and staining. Once we restore and protect your walls with CHIC - no more covering up stains or fixing stucco cracks!

Colour Change

A great compromise to replacing old dated stucco is to coat it with CHIC! Go from stained and worn out stucco to a modern, clean look.

And as a bonus, this home's exterior is now protected against the elements for LIFE.

Cracked and Peeling Acrylic Stucco

A lot of newer homes and commercial buildings are opting for acrylic stucco. The issues we see with this modern finish are cracking, peeling, staining and fading. Issues that are difficult to fix without having to redo entire walls.

Another issue we come across with this Acrylic stucco is that it is very good at hiding water damage.

Most people don't realize there is a moisture problem with their acrylic stucco until the interiors are leaking, windows are warping, or there is a presence of mold inside the home. The good news is that with the CHIC System, we can restore the stucco to better than new and permanently protect the building from further water issues. The CHIC option is the better option than trying to paint over the issues and a lot less expensive then replacing the exterior.